A pneumatic cylinder is the most common part in pneumatic systems and is a mechanical device, which uses compressed air to produce a force, which causes linear motion.




There are two types of pneumatic cylinders:
• Single-acting cylinders
• Double-acting cylinders


Single-acting cylinders function only in one direction and the air connector is only on one side of the pneumatic cylinder. The air is compressed on one side of the piston and the piston is released due to the pressure of the spring on the other side. Double-acting cylinders function in both directions and the air gets compressed in both halves of the cylinder. The air is compressed on one side of the cylinder and simultaneously exhausted on the other side.

Cylinders can also be diaphragm or piston. Diaphragm cylinders can take much larger forces at lower frequencies of piston movements in comparison to piston cylinders.


How does a pneumatic cylinder work?
A pneumatic cylinder works by having air pressure push the piston in one direction, and then a spring in single-acting cylinders and air in double-acting cylinders pushes the piston back in its original position.

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