Improve safety at your workplace

There are two important factors in industry: working under high pressure and with high temperatures. It is especially important what we use and how it is used to make our workplace and the work itself safe. We offer different segments which are used, such as safety valves, safety couplings, hand operated release valves and excess flow valves, the latest –SI safety devices, and also fireproof and break resistant pipes, which help make your workplace safe and secure.


Fireproof flexible pipes are heat resistant and prevent temperature loss, reflect liquid metal debris during cutting and prevent the loss of heat.

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Quick connect couplings using external drainage prevent a pressure shock during uncoupling. 


Safety connectors i.e. hose protection cables prevent the flexible hose from flailing uncontrollably in case the connection is damaged, and also prevent other major damage to the surrounding area.


Mandatory safety valves for protection from excess pressure in high-pressure containers or pipes are available pre-set to certain pressure for air systems, water systems and also gas systems.


Futura systems are upgraded with a security system and are designed to release pressure through a special valve during detachment.


One stop for all your safety equipment needs

Safety equipment for daily use, such as gloves, safety goggles, ear protection, skin care and protection products can be found in our e-store. You will also find self-adhesive non-slip strips, first aid kits, warning signs. Everything can be personally delivered to your address in 3 working days. Very simple with only one click.



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