VENAIR silicone hoses

The S3C d.o.o. offers high-end silicone hoses made by VENAIR, which is specialized in designing, manufacturing hoses and special silicone items. They are experts in creating high-quality elastomers – they offer solutions for flow of liquids in an environment with vibrations, system movement or the need for custom mobility.


The hoses can be used in the most demanding areas:
- Food industry,
- Pharmaceutical industry,
- Biotechnological area,
- Military,
- Nautical,
- Space and
- Energy.

The entire programme is available here.


VENAIR silicone hoses     VENAIR silicone hoses     VENAIR silicone hoses


To receive an offer for specific silicone hoses, contact us at or call +386 1 423 22 22.

The S3C d.o.o. Team